Intrinsically safe indicator is a new-generation weighing

Terminal, especially designed for industrial sites such as

Petroleum,  chemical industry, medicine and gunpowder, etc.


  • It can be easily revised. It can be directly calibrated without

    being in the state of weighing when not accurate. With nonlinear correction, extended display, sleep time, function.

  • The method of charging is just like charging your cell phone.

    That means you can either charge the whole machine or

    remove the intrinsically safe battery pack and then charge it


  • AC and DC, standby time can be as long as 72 hours.

  • Three methods of installation-wall, standing, seated, easy for

     clients to use.

  • It’s applicable for platform scales and bench scales.

  • It’s applicable for explosive gas atmosphere zone 1&2, type

C, gas group T4/T5.